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Welcome! This is the place where I offer my services as a free-lancer or contract web developer and designer, either as an individual or B2B as GraphBiz.

In addition to working for larger companies, with my history of small businesses ownership, I understand what being small means, and it makes me a happy person when my services can help small businesses succeed. Being smaller can mean having more control easier, and one should use that power in a smart way to achieve a higher position among the competition. Things like using a personalized domain as sales@yourcompany.com instead of contact.me2009@hotmail.com should be obvious, but it appears it's not, so sometimes small observations and changes can make a big difference.

The web is always plentiful of new technologies, so it's well known that companies can hardly keep up with such dynamicity. The thing is, customers expect the latest and greatest. Online presence nowadays involves a lot, and it's sad when even huge companies list a set of minimum browser requirements based on when their websites worked well. It's very possible they are losing customers for that.

It's fundamental that websites work on mobile devices, in addition to the desktop computer's screen. Mobile devices are expected to surpass desktop devices in number in 2014. Designing websites for mobile and desktop, and responsive design are still not perfect sciences, but there's a minimum that must be reached. Not every company has had a budget for that, sometimes decisions take time when you're big, and being an uncertain science, it can involve a lot, specially when every existing web page needs to work as it did before, as one would expect. No need to say that it's happening everywhere, while new ways of doing things pop up everyday. Learning fast and having the power to troubleshoot are more than ever essential skills for web professionals these days. I'm certain that whichever your case is, I can help you in some way, so if you need help or if you want to hire my services, please contact me.