Being Smaller Means Having More Control

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Let's say your company is called "Big Box Crusher". If you're still using an AOL, Hotmail or Gmail account to do your business, you should know that you can have an email address like if you register the domain It's much more professional than, isn't it? To register a domain you currently spend around $15, and to renew it yearly, approximately the same amount. It's a small investment that makes a difference.

Well, when you register a domain, you plan to have a website. And that's good, because to compete in today's market the minimum your company will need to have is an online presence where your prospective client can find about your services/products, about yourself, and a place where your contact information and/or an online form can be found. In many ways it's much better than business cards or flyers: it will be always in the place where you left it and accessible by smartphone, tablet or computer. From there you can also get people to subscribe to email newsletters that you can send as frequently as you want, featuring your promotions. Website needs a hosting plan, which can cost from around $6 a month, even less the more you pay in advance.

If you already have a website with your own domain, you should have at least one email address from that domain available to you, which may be configured to receive those clients' messages on your phone, computer or tablet, so they're accessible to you right when they arrive. That's even more important if you intend to sell online, as you will have to process and ship the orders coming from the website as fast as possible. And you know that professionalism is essential; a client will only come back frequently if well served and may not come back otherwise.

In any case I, a small business owner like you, can help. I can build your website, prepare images to look perfect and professional, even create a new logo, whether you are a Main Street or home-based business or even an individual. All with the latest technology and personalized attention.

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